Natural Pet Home Remedies: The Best Treatment for Your Dog

Your dog is important to you. His health is in your hands. You can choose to give him whatever you want. He’ll love you anyway. So why not give him the best? Why not give him natural pet home remedies that are good for his health and his immune system?
The best defense a dog has against all diseases is a good immune system. Domesticated dogs do not get the necessary nutrients that dogs in the wild get. In the wild, they can turn to plants and herbs when they are sick, and the natural ingredients in nature is what heals them.
Domesticated dogs get vaccines for anything and everything. These vaccines are made of synthetic chemicals which are very toxic for our dogs. Many of the vaccines produce severe reactions on our dogs. They are used for preventative measures, yet they affect your dog’s immune system and make his organs work hard to expel these poisons.
They are also given medications such as heartworm pills and flea remedies which are composed of insecticides, which is also very harmful to them.
Our dogs are exposed to insecticides in the grass, pollutants in the air. Their food often lacks many of beneficial nutrients and contains by products, artificial coloring and artificial flavoring, all of which is very bad for their health.

As a dog owner, you should become aware of these facts which hurt your dog and weaken his immune system. It is much better to treat your dog as much as possible with natural pet home remedies that do not contain synthetic chemicals, but the rich nutrients that they need for improved health.
Besides giving him a healthy pet diet and exercise, a good daily supplement is necessary to help build his immune system. There are also hundreds of pet home remedies that can help you take care of your dog at home with natural remedies, which you may already have in your home. You will be giving him the best care and probably saving thousands in visits to the vet.Natural pet home remedies are a great way to take care of your “best friend”. It’s great to be able to give them the care they deserve.


Want to learn about natural remedies for pets and money saving ideas? In this article we are going to cover natural remedies and home remedies for both cats and dogs. Natural remedies for pets by definition are in addition to or separate from conventional vet medicine. Natural remedies are being used for a variety of reasons but primarily to avoid harsh side effects resulting from conventional veterinarian treatment.


You already know that trips to the vet are expensive and that it is more comfortable for your pets if you can treat them at home. Additionally, many times the vet’s office is closed when we need to treat minor illnesses and ailments. Imagine being able to treat and home and save money in the process.
Natural home remedies have some great benefits. Additionally, the use of natural home remedies has become more popular due to the cost and hassle of conventional medicines.
* Saves money on vet bills
* Reduces the chance of harmful side effects
* Most are readily available in your home already
* Well tolerated by our four legged friends
* Can also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment
* Are especially useful in mild cases of illnesses and ailments
* Homemade remedies are generally harmless and rarely cause side effects
* Vitamin E mixed with a solution of mineral oil or almond oil can be used to treat ear mites in dogs and cats
* Garlic can be used to treat fleas as a prevention method and for many other pet remedies
* Cranberry and orange juice can be used to treat urinary tract infections
* Apple cider vinegar is being used to clean up infection areas and is very soothing
* A paste of baking soda and water is being used for insect bites and stings
* Turmeric is being used to treat cysts and arthritis
Supplements are another form of natural remedies for pets and are being used more and more. Some advantages of supplements are that many come in the form of tablets which some pet owners prefer to use because of ease of use.

Herbal remedies are another form of natural remedies for pets and many times are made from herbs we use every day in our homes. Many home remedies are made from natural ingredients we use in our homes daily.
To learn about other home remedies and treatment secrets that can save you a ton of money in vet bills read on through the last paragraph. Natural remedies for pets are easy to use and our pets will love us for using them.

Nail Caps – Very Important Product to Cover the Nails of Your Pet

Declawing Dog or Cat is the only important things which a possessor should perform. But a lot of the animals do not wish to cut their nails, possibly as they do not wish to eradicate their protection for their defense. Performing this is not completely removing their claw but in its place cutting the outer area or bigger nails so they should not scratch and ruin wooden floors, couches, furniture and also nastiest is scratching anybody in the home.

Cover the nails of your pet
There are so many companies available in the market also online which offers special methods on how to resolve the issue of scratching from pets and as the alternate for declawing your claw of pet. One of this is getting special type of scratchers. This is made from strong tough slab and cats would definitely like its natural feel such as the same as the tree bark. One more option and greatest method have at the present time is by getting a nail caps for your pet. Possibly you heard regarding soft covers for the claw that offer different colors and designs which can completely fit to pets. Cat cover is only just a multi-colored or plain aim to cover up the claw of pets. It may completely satisfy natural logic of your pet of scratching. They would nt even observe that they have the pet products.

Prevent your furniture from scratches
A few visual scratches marks will vanish for the concern of their region. Its soft touch will definitely love by pets and also permit your pets to lie around different colors to build them more stylish and be loved by additional as well. This is the very suitable method to maintain the nails of your pet and from getting your furnishings and scraping people problem to be resolved. This nails caps do not obstruct the standard function of a claw of pet and very simple to use. In case your cat is not frequently inured to having its nails trim, it is very strongly recommended that you get your vet or an expert groomer to perform the job for you. Keep in mind that these claws are extremely sharp and can do various harm. You never wish to destroy the connection which you have with your pet by doing a bit it thinks frightening or unpleasant. Pets have remarkable memories and you might well find your pet becoming afraid of you. And keep in mind that your cat would be disturbed if it identifies it has harmed you.

Naming Your Pet Fish

One of the best pets to get for your house is a fish. This is because caring for a fish is often easier compared to caring for a dog or caring for a cat. If you have a fish for a pet, you often no longer need to deal with their droppings. All you need to do is to feed your fish regularly and clean the fish tank whenever it gets too dirty. If you have children at home, one of the best types of pets to give them is a fish. If you want to have a fish for a pet, here are some good ideas for naming your pet fish.

Cartoon characters €” cartoon characters are cute. This is why they make great names for pets that are also cute. Cartoon characters are not just great names for fishes, they are also great for dogs, cats and other kinds of cute pets. When naming your fish after a cartoon character, you can try naming them after cartoon characters who live in the sea. This way, their names will be appropriate for their environment.
Rock stars or rock bands – this is a unique and cute idea for a name for your fish. Rock bands or rock stars are very cool. If you name your fish after a famous rock star or a rock band, your fish will definitely appreciate it. Your friends and family that come over for a visit will also complement you on how creative and fun you are when it comes to naming pets.

Video game characters €” if you love video games, then naming your fish after a video game character can be a good idea. If you have a favorite video game character, you can use that character’s name as a name for your pet. The great thing about having a fish for a pet is the fact that you do not need to worry about the gender. It does not matter if the fish is male or female, because they all look the same. This means you can give your fish a female name even if it is basically a male fish.
Movie stars €” if you enjoy watching movies on a regular basis, then you can also name your pet fish after a famous movie star. In fact you can even use the full name of the movie star. This is one of the most fun way to name your fish.

My Very Own Final results Utilizing A Pet Scat Mat

I will be revealing my personal final results from my using the scat mats because before I’d really purchased my initial scat mat I read every one of the opinions and remarks that i found about them, how they worked and just the way in which other folks thought regarding them. I desired to know from actual consumers that had acquired the scat mat and also used it with the training of their pets. The critiques I just read ranged from the best training gadget ever created to the most harsh.

Well, after all of my personal analysis I made a decision to purchase a pet scat mat personally. You know what, there is absolutely no issue regarding it, the scat mat does indeed without a doubt perform. It truely does work very quickly, successfully as well as safely. My own a couple of pet dogs were absolutely trained to remain off the furniture and outside the rooms they’re not permitted to enter in less than 14 days.
My own pussy-cat Oliver however became an extra tough. He is quite set in his ways and incredibly strong willed. The scat mats have won the showdown to remain off of the countertops ultimately. I even now stick them up whenever i am going to be out of the home for any stretch of time, but that’s just me and knowing how sneaky he could be. I’m presently working with him and also the furniture and also bedrooms. He is really having a difficult experience with it, however I can see triumph on the horizon.
I most certainly will say that the degree to which it will benefit every person varies since it can be based upon the pet person to work with the device in addition to their own dogs and cats. You merely do not just stick it down and your dog or cat is educated. I got myself 3 mats and three dummy mats to use. I moved the true ones around to maintain my dogs unsure of which mats had been the real ones. I’m still keeping my attention on them nevertheless I’ve been capable of pick up every one of the mats and store them away for the past a couple weeks and counting. If I need to I’ll bring them back out to get a refresher course.
With regards to the measurements of your four-legged friend will establish the size of scat mat you will want. My a couple of dogs are small dachshunds and so the size of all the scat mats performed perfectly for me personally. If you have a large dog that can easily hop over the smaller sizes mat then you will either need the bigger sized mat or maybe the extension mats that affix to a mat to increase the area you need to cover. This may keep them from simply leaping above the mat and heading into a place you want to protect.
The big sofa size scat mat works great on furniture. This can be were the actual stooge mats which i have solved the problem help save a little bit of cash, I position the real mat on the side that they always jump up on and the phony one on the reverse side, it worked like a dream. I did on the other hand acquire them a very nice huge dog bed which goes well in the Television room to allow them to take it easy on rather than the sofa. I did the exact same in the sleeping quarters and so they no longer jump on our bed. Forget about pet hair on the furnishings and beds, I love that.
Typically the scat mats include an adjustable controls. Your are in a position to set them at low, moderate as well as higher.
The lower setting is advised to kittens as well as tiny young puppies. The medium setting is appropriate for sizeable young dogs and also cats. And finally, the high setting is appropriate for good sized dogs and long haired cats. I personally would wait until the pups and kittens were at the least 8 to 12 months, you don’t want to damage their mental development in anyway. You will know when they’re completely ready, first gain their trust and build the bond between you and your brand new companion. I would not in anyway recommend using the scat mats on young puppies and kittens under 8 to 12 months old under any circumstances.
As far as the scat mats being brutal, I’d must point out that I don’t believe them to be so. Each of our dogs and cats are extremely smart, they understand that when they stepped on the mat they did not like the tiny pulse they sensed and therefore are very capable of recollecting it. They learn extremely fast never to step there once again. The pulse which is released is comparable to static. The scat mat is just not created to inflict discomfort to the pets.

Well there you have my scat mat critiques two cents worth and hope that it’s helpful in deciding if you’ll be using a scat mat regarding training your own pets. I highly recommend them to use on cats and dogs over the age of eight to twelve months. They are safe, they are helpful plus they absolutely work.

Moving Overseas? Hire a Trusted Pet Moving Company

Transporting pets to Singapore or other parts of the world can be a difficult task to do on your own. It is a fact that pets are very much part of the family and they should travel as such when the family is going overseas.



Your pet can travel by air in three ways:
€ In a pet carrier placed under a passenger seat. This is for small animals and is usually limited to a certain number per flight.
€ In the cargo area of the same flightyou are on.
€ The pet can be on a separate plane with other animals on a
live animal air cargo flight.
In fact, there are stricter measures when it comes to getting our furry friends from one point to another. For instance, there is a quarantine requirement in Singapore for dogs importation. This may appear to make matters difficult but it is ultimately for the safety of your pets and the other animals travelling with them.
There are several pet transportation services available but there are certain things you need to look out for when deciding which one to hire.
1. Licensing
You will need to find out if the firm holds a license as a dealer, carrier or handler of regulated animals by the USDA. If you have an unregulated animal like a bird or a reptile, this license may not apply. The transportation firm should also provide some insurance for your pet to cover loss, injury or death of your pet while on transit.
2. Experience
How long has it been in this business? You need to find that out and then compare with customer reviews over the years to see if it provides excellent service. Inexperienced handlers could unintentionally harm your pet and there is absolutely no reason for you to take that risk.
3. No mixing
There are risks of cross-infection when animals come into contact with each other. You need to find a way to protect your pets from picking up sicknesses or pests from other animals they are travelling with. Therefore, you can insist on having all your pets together and separate from the other animals to protect them from any kind of danger posed by the other animals.
4. Cargo area conditions
Your pets need to have a comfortable ride as possible so you need to ensure that your service provider guarantees that. If it is providing the crate, you must ensure that it is clean and comfortable for your pet. The cargo area should also be well ventilated, pressurized and at the right temperature. The mechanics of the cargo area holding the animals should also be in perfect condition for the safety of your pets.
5. International regulations
Your service provider should be aware of the regulations involved in transporting pets to Singapore. It should be conscious of such things as quarantine requirements in Singapore for dogs importation and be able to advise you accordingly so that you and your animals can have a hassle-free trip. Do some research yourself and ask the right questions so you can confirm this.

Pet transportation is a very serious matter and you need to ensure that your service provider guarantees the safety of these precious members of your family. You need to go through carefully the company’s safety and insurance policy on the specific kind of animals you are transporting (because policies differ per animal). Also, read the policy for compensation following injury, loss or death of your pet(s). You can consult a lawyer prior to signing on the dotted line to make sure that you are getting value for your money and the safest and most efficient service for your furry friends.

Misplaced Trust: Your Pet’s Toys Are Not As Safe As You Think

What did your furry friends get for the holidays this year? What about a Kong toy or new sweater? Let’s hope grandpa has has heard that the most up-to-date information on pet products that is found at sites like HealthyStuff. org, or Pup-pup may end up being vulnerable to threats any sensible pet owner would dislike.

The companion animal industry is growing exponentially. Pet lovers can’t get enough of buying toys for their furry friends. Of course, no friend of pets would purposely purchase Spot something with toxic chemicals. How much poison, such as lead, chlorine, arsenic or mercury has your pet been exposed to? There is a good chance that at least one pet product you’ve picked up over the last year is contaminated with more than one of these noxious compounds.
HealthyStuff. org ran rigorous tests on 400 products for pets, including pet beds, collars, stuffed toys and tennis balls. Because there are no restrictions on what materials are being used in the creation of pet products, no one was surprised that the results showed differing amounts of very toxic metals, particularly lead, across every single different type of pet product that they tested. Twenty-five percent, that equals 100 different products, had measurable levels of lead, including over half of all collars. Tennis balls for dogs contained the highest levels of lead, although tennis balls sold for playing tennis often had no detectable amounts of any toxin. But do not go to the pet store and replace all of your dog’s tennis balls with tennis balls made for playing tennis. Those have metal embedded in the fabric. The metal would quite possibly kill your pet by getting wrapped in your pet’s digestive tract. Take a look at the the reported research results at HealthyStuff. org. It’s written in non-technical language and easy to understand.

How can you, as a concerned pet owner, make sure your pet’s bedding and toys are safe? Email your Senator. Call your state representatives. Commit to purchase only items for your dog that are on the HealthyStuff. org list of safe products. Tell your family about the website. Share the results of the research with your MySpace contacts. Email a letter to the editor. Make a donation. The most crucial thing isn’t how you offer support or help, it’s that you do offer support. Our animals can’t speak up for themselves. We need to be their voices.

Methods to Make your Relocation Easier for Your Pets

There is certainly little question that moving is really a nerve-racking experience. Numerous men and women have tensions as well as fears as soon as they generate the call to relocate. These nerve-racking outcomes of relocating aren’t only experienced by humans.

There’s little question that transferring is really a stress filled knowledge. Several families be afflicted by stress and doubts as soon as they come up with the call to transfer. These demanding outcomes of transferring aren’t solely felt by humans. They’re gone through by domestic pets, as well.
This scenario isn’t shocking as your animals are remarkably receptive creatures. Relocating could make them really feel distressed. It could cause them to become unsettled, suffer a loss of their appetite, change their personality, get them to be ill as well as trigger some to escape. Being a pet owner, you do not wish any of these to manifest to your much-loved pets. Hence, you must find techniques to make the transfer less complicated for them.
Austin TX Moving company is actually a leading moving company of pets within the Austin area. This corporation has been responsible for relocating pets to numerous locations in the metropolis as well as to the other states. Through their years of dealings in pet moving, Austin TX Moving Company provides several useful ideas that you can comply with.
One of many primary stuff that you simply need to do when you formulate the decision to transfer is to sustain the common plan of your pets. Your animals are creatures of pattern. In the event you stop bringing your family dog for walks or when you give food to your cats in unpredictable hours simply because you happen to be occupied packing, your animals will take detect of these changes. The impact to them tends to be that they will lose whatever sense of balance and command they one time had and this may lead them to show behavioural shifts. It can cause some dogs to bark or howl continuously whilst several cats can become less friendly. Therefore, make certain never to generate any kind of drastic modifications to their normal routines.
Yet another point that you simply need to accomplish specifically once the region you are relocating is only 15-20 minutes at bay would be to commute your animals to your new house. This could help them grow to be acquainted to the fresh location. If your residence plus your new location aren’t close by, traveling them around town will nonetheless help to ensure that they will not really feel too worried when travelling by means of the customized vehicles of your pet movers. Whenever achievable, make them used to traveling inside cages or crates. Whenever you do so, at all times give them with food and water whenever they travel.

Most of all, right before you transfer, bring your pets to the veterinary clinic. Have them undergo check-ups to ascertain their level of health and fitness. This is very critical especially any time you have quite young in addition to extremely aged pets as the two can be extremely sensitive to changes in their environment. Your animal medical practitioner can present you useful tips on how to point out signs of stress in your pets and provide you greattips on how you can aid your pets manage moving.

Making Sense of Common Pet Meds

Figuring out your pet’s medication schedule can be a stressful task to take on. Of course you want nothing less than the very best for your special animal friend, but some medication regiments can confuse even the savviest of pet owners.Everyone who has an animal in their lives to care for knows how much work it entails. Even if your animal doesn’t necessitate a medication, you still have to go through a whole world of effort to keep them happy and healthy.


Not only do pets need to eat and get outside to go to the bathroom, but they need a whole lot of love and affection. Some people leap right into overmedicating their pets when the real problem stems from the owner not spending enough time with their animal.

It is important before you start on any medication schedule to talk to your vet about your animal’s daily habits. There might be a way to remedy some problems, especially anxiety-related, with a change in their exercise regimens, rather than putting them on pills.

But in many cases, medication really is necessary for your pet. If after speaking with your vet, you decide your pet needs to start a medication regimen, here are a few examples of common pet meds that you might have to deal with.


In the springtime, it is plain to see that many people suffer from overwhelming allergies. You can tell them by their bloodshot eyes, runny noses and puffy cheeks. But human beings aren’t the only creatures that suffer from allergic reactions. Your pets are just as susceptible to these problems as you are.

Clemastine is a common oral antihistamine that vets prescribe for both dogs and cats. Of course, it is not a cure for allergies, but it has been known to reduce the symptoms. When storing these 2. 68mg tablets, you should keep them in a light-resistant, tightly sealed, childproof container.

Your vet has to write you and your pet a prescription to administer Clemastine. When your vet does this, he will also inform you about your pet’s drug administration schedule. It is extremely important that you follow this schedule as closely as possible. Giving your pet their pill at the same time every day will greatly increase its effectiveness. Not only that, but your pet will get into a habit of taking the pills, and won’t fuss over it as much after a while.

Remend Corneal Repair Drops:

A healthy dog or cat is inevitably going to get in a little trouble every now and again. They might get stuck in an unruly patch of brush or tussle with an unexpectedly vivacious chipmunk. But sooner or later every pet who spends any time outside is going to come home with a few bumps and bruises. Occasionally, they will even have scratches on their sensitive eyeballs.

Remend Corneal Repair Drops are specifically designed to expedite the healing of ulcers on the cornea of dogs and cats. This medication is available via prescription only, and should be administered three times every day (that is once every eight hours) until the cornea has been repaired. Thanks to Remend’s cross-linking technology, many ulcers heal in just 48 short hours.

Part of how Remend works so well is by making it easier for corneal epithelial cells to migrate across the eyeball. This medication also facilitates the animal’s natural healing process by creating an optimal environment for restoration.


When people get depressed, it is often because of exterior factors. Sometimes a change in diet, exercising more, or just interacting socially can turn temporary depression around. However, there are also times when depression comes not from a factor outside yourself, but from a chemical imbalance in the human brain. That is when a doctor will prescribe an antidepressant.

The same thing happens with dogs or cats. Do you often come home to find your pet overly anxious? Have they destroyed the house while you were gone? Are they extra needy all of a sudden?

Sometimes these problems are purely external. Maybe they aren’t getting enough exercise or attention. Maybe you need to alter their diets or get them out of the house and around other dogs more often. Talk to your vet about their schedules before putting them on any antidepressant. But if all else fails, sometimes a medication like Amitriptyline can help your pet.

These tablets are tricyclic antimdepressants that you can use to help control several behavior problems in both cats and dogs. This drug can even decrease severe itching problems and relieve some kinds of pain.

Remember, no matter what ails your pet, it is important to talk to your vet before they start on a new medication. In a lot of cases, medication is completely unnecessary. However, when it is time to resort to a pill, make sure it is vet-approved and that you stick strictly to a regimented administration schedule.

Make Your Pet Healthy With Cosequin for Dogs

Being a pet lover and having a dog at your home is not a new thing as most of the people in the world are fond of dogs. If you are the one among them and own a pet then you should take ample care of him/her so that you can prove to be a good caretaker not only to the world but also to yourself. It will give you immense psychological satisfaction to know that you can take care of another living being especially if you have been alone all your life.

While taking care of your dog you must keep it in mind that you give him proper nutrition and you can use products like cosequin to boost its health. You must also keep in mind that the dog has a clean environment so that it does not catch any diseases or infections. You must also take him to a veterinarian every now and then so that you can be assured that your pet remains in perfect health at all the times. You should also see to it that the dog is not left alone for a long period of time especially if it is new to the surroundings otherwise it may feel lonely and distressed which may hamper its health and well being.
If despite of your many efforts your dog has weaker muscles and is slow in doing everything then you must try the cosequin for dogs this product is made to boost the health of your dog and barely have any side effects. But if you are using this product in the right quantities and are still skeptical about the fact that it may have side effects then you can take help from your dog’s veterinarian who will also assure you that this product is safe to use as it is done by most of the veterinarians of the world.

Now if you are sure about buying this cosequin for dogs then rather than buying it from a pet care store near your home, you must try to buy it online as it will not only save your energy in visiting the store but will also save your precious time. Another major benefit from buying t from an online store for pet needs would be that you will get a huge variety of products that will be beneficial for your dog in one way or the other. You can also save a lot of money by buying this cosequin dogs online as the prices in the online store would be much less than its retail price even when you include the costs of shipping to it due to that simple reason that the cost paid to the middlemen by the retail owners is not present if you buy it from an online seller.